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We develop Leadership Presence by concentrating on:

Transformational Leadership Insights:

  • Tap the “brain” and explore breakthrough discoveries of the power of Critical Analysis and Creative Imagination that enable and unleash Whole Brain Power
  • Leverage neurological research, knowledge and techniques to turn individual potential into peak performance
  • Use leading edge methodologies

Intentional Congruency & Expressiveness

  • Develop authenticity and express feelings and emotions appropriately by using all available means – words, voice,body, face – to deliver one congruent message
  • Develop your Emotional Intelligence:  reach out and build relationships with others through empathy, listening and authentic connections
  • Be present by being completely in the moment; select roles and states of being to create the desired results of intentional connectedness

Appreciative Coaching Application grounded in Positive Psychology

  • Develop Self-Knowing:  the ability to accept yourself, to be authentic, and to reflect your values and character strengths in your decisions and actions
  • Reframe how you think to get the life you desire
  • Leverage experiences of past peak performances to trigger new states of excellence and fulfillment